Never leave your camera home.

That's when you miss the shot.


I’m a very amateur photographer operating on the East Coast of New Jersey, in my second year of photography now.

I shoot with a Nikon D800 with a small array of gadgets and lenses.  Don’t ask about the Neutral Density filter – that’s still a sore subject.  My favorite lens during my crop frame sensor era was my 24mm ƒ/2.8.  Since going full frame, the 50mm ƒ/1.4 has replaced it as my goto lens.  I like the fixed prime lenses.  It makes me think a bit more on the composition as opposed to just zooming in or out, and I like the crisp feel the lens delivers at the ƒ/4ish range.

I consider myself to be very green in the hobby, but improving regularly.  I rarely leave home without my camera “just in case”.  The one time in recent memory that I did leave it behind, on a routine Ikea run, I missed out on an absolutely spectacular sunset with gigantic orange clouds and the giant ship cranes of Newark silhouetted against the orange sky.  It took 2 Star Tavern pies to calm me down after that one.

So welcome to my playground.  My goal here is simply share my pictures and a brief synopsis of what went into creating them.  I’m far from a master, so I will be posting the good with the bad.  I’ve spent a lot of time on 365project and 500px, and just decided I wanted my own corner for myself.  Being a web developer, carving out said corner merely required 8 bucks for the domain and a few beers, and here we are.

I like to go shooting every weekend, usually with my wife who has taken over my D7000.  It’s great, because there’s so much to see even in my own area that I’ve never seen before, and having a reason to get out there and see it is a blast.

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